Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, 1980

Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Gabriel Rico’s work is developed in zone of one object crisscrosses with another´s in the interobjective configuration space. Rico tries to create pieces that fragment the composition of contemporary human and evidencing the geometric imperfection in the nature using the gedankenexperiments like beginning. Gabriel has always been fascinated with the philosophical analogies and scientific disciplines, his work has been influenced by the sciences that study the form and the space, he considers himself a believer in matter, an ontologist with a heuristic methodology, sometimes using technology tools and scientific models as metaphors for collective memory. He uses deconstruction and re contextualization as methods to continue the development of his investigation in areas such as knowledge materializations & the fragility of space. His work tries to refer to a reflection on the nature of the pieces from the materials used to produce them and their arrangement in the final composition.



BA in Architecture for the Instituto Technológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), Mexico.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

ONE LAW FOR THE LION & THE OX IS OPPRESSION, Galerie Perrotin, New York City, USA.
Proximidad, Fábrica Cerámica Suro, Guadalajara, Mexico. The Power Station, Dallas, USA.
DEAD, DEAD, LIVE DEAD, ASU Art Museum, Tempe, AZ, USA.

VIS VIVA, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan-do, South Korea.

B@V, Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, MX.
ZEA MAYS , MAZ (Zapopan Art Museum), Jalisco, MX

CREATIO EX MATERIA, Cuadro 22 Gallery, Chur, CH.
B@V, Ex Escuela de Cristo, Aguascalientes, MX.
La Cuchara & El Ladrillo, Public Libraries Virgilio Barco & El Tintal, Bogota, CO
SUPERPOSICION, The Museum of the City, Guadalajara, MX.

B@V, CEART Centro de Arte Tomás & Valiente, Madrid, ES.
B@V, Program 12×12  selected by the curators Guillermo Santamarina & Itala Schmelz @ MASIN, Culiacán Sinaloa, MX.

Lo que me da forma… lo que me contiene, Gallery Curro, Guadalajara, MX.

Elevando el espacio a la dignidad de atributo de dios, University of Guanajuato, MX.

Todas las formas de arte en una misma entidad, La Vitrina, Guadalajara, MX.
Dela IM Laboratorio CV930, Museum of Arts at the University of Guadalajara, MX.

Group Exhibitions

Almost Solid Light: New Work From Mexico, Paul Kasmin Gallery, organized in collaboration with Mario Navarro, New York City, USA.

The Queen Falls, Galería OMR, Curated by Anissa Touati & Marc-Olivier Wahler, Mexico City, MX.
DIY Fiction, ArteCareyes, Curated by Jeovana Ibarra, MX.

+52 Paisaje Recientes, CALOSA Foundation, Curated by Paulina Ascencio, MX.
¿Cómo te voy a olvidar?, Galerie Perrotin, curated by Peggy Laboeuf & Annisa Touati, Paris, FR.
The Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg Fonden, Copenhagen, DK.
Fine words butter no parsnips however fine parsnips can butter words, Present
Co., curated by Alejandro Almanza, New York City, USA.
Reconstrucción, Abraham Cruzvillegas Project, MAZ (Zapopan Arte Museum), Jalisco, MX.

The Empty Fox Hole, HISK, Gent, BE.
Fall Out, Gallery Whitdel Arts, Detroit, USA
8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Korea Ceramic Foundation, South Korea.
MAP OF THE NEW ART, Fundazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, IT.

Leviatan Arquitectura & Arte, Raúl Anguiano Art Museum, Jalisco, MX.
Presentando lo irrespresentable Gabriel Rico & Octavio Abundez, Curro & Poncho Gallery, Guadalajara, MX.

Artesano / Artista 3.0, MAP (Museum of the Popular Arts), curated by Walther Boelsterly, Mexico City, MX.
COUP de VILLE – Attracted by another level, curated by Stef Van Bellingen, St. Nikklas, BE.
Tinnitus & fosfenos, MAZ (Zapopan Arte Museum), curated by Viviana Kuri & Carlos Ashida, Guadalajara, MX.

Manifest Aanwezig, curated by Annemie Can Laethem, Castle Aspremonte Lynden, Oud Rekem, Belgium.
Play Panopticon, Seoul Art Space Gumcheon, Seoul, South Korea.

Compilación del archive bastardo, La Gerlería de Comercio, Mexico City, MX.
Shadowing Cities, curated by Fiona Weir & Ans Karen Ruimte, Beweging, Rotterdam, NL.
Lightworks, Grimsby Minister, London, UK..
Grange Gardens Sculpture Project, GALERIE8, London, UK.

Tenemos tanto tiempo y tan poco que hacer, CAM Contemporáneo, Guadalajara, MX.
TOTEM, Tree amigos, Abarrotera Mexicana, Guadalajara, MX.

Firulais, Museo de la Cuidad, curated by Cristián Silva, Guadalajara, MX.
Las mujeres de mi padre, curated by Cristián Silva, Raúl Anguiano Museum, Guadalajara, MX.

Mexican Modern Art, Universidad de Guanajuato, MX.

Xoconoxtle, Liga Project, Guadalajara, MX.
Quadrophoniadelayentropicjaicu, Tree amigos, Panteón de Belén, Guadalajara, MX.

Artist Residencies, Fellowships, Awards

Selected by the ASU Art Museum & CALA Alliance in Arizone to be part of its program of residencies for International Artists during 2017.
Selected by the GCC (Gyeonggi Creation Center) to be part of its program of residencies for International Artists during 2015/2016.
Honorable mention at the 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Republic of South Korea.
Selected by the CAMAC Center of Art, Science & Technology to take a residency and continue the development of the project “La fragilidad del espacio en la era post biological” 2014.

Selected by the Ténot Foundation Bursary for Artists to receive a fellowship applied to art production during the year 2014.
Binational fellowship in the annual AIR program for production 2013-2014 FONCA/CONACULTA and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.
Selected by the Frans Mesereel Centrum to take a research residency, this residency is aimed at the research of the graphic medium, 2013.
Selected by SASG (Seoul Art Space Geumcheon) to be part of its program of residencies for international artists during 2012.

Invited by the DMZ International Peace Residency, Dongguk University, to take a residency in the Border area in DMZ at the Artsonje
Center, Cheorwon-gun, South Korea.
Selected by the Prince Claus Foundation Fund to receive a production award in 2011.
Selected by the PECDA or Jalisco State Fund for the Culture and Arts in its program Young Creators in the editions 2010-2011 & 2014-2015.
Selected by curators Jan Hoet & Stef Van Bellingen to be part of the portfolioappointment & take a residence in 2010 in the town of San Nicolas, Belgium during the WARP contemporary art platform.


Korean Ceramic Fundation (KOCEF), South Korea.
Patricia Marshall Collection, USA.
ArtNexus Foundation, Colombia/USA.
Associated collection Centro de Arte Tomas & Valiente/Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Spain.
Frans Mesereel Centrum (FMC) Belgium.
Museo de Arte de Sinaloa (MASIN), México.
Associated collection Charpenel/MUAC, México.